Wondering about the current real estate market's average home seeker? It's millennial women seeking more space, outdoor amenities, and surprisingly... CLOSED FLOOR PLANS. 

After lockdown due to the current health climate, real estate listing website Point2 found:

  • 55% of buyers looking for homes online were women ages 25 to 34. 
  • 71% of home browsers used smart phones or tablets to conduct their searches, which highlights the importance of digital marketing and advertising when selling a home. 

These millennial women are also willing to pay more to get what they want, as suggested by their online activity showing an increased number of searches for higher-priced homes. 

As for what these millennial women are looking for, the most common…

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Rain in the forecast? Have no fear! Below are the top 5 things to do in the case of bad weather.

  1. Shop
    1. My Sisters Favorite Things- Lavallette
    2. House of Lucky- Lavallette 
    3. Ocean County Mall- Toms River 
    4. B & B Department Stores- Seaside Park
  2. Visit the Aquarium
    1.  Jenkinson's Aquarium- Point Pleasant Beach
  3. Go to the Nail Salon
    1. Salon Allure- Toms River
    2. JK Nails- Toms River
  4. Visit the Maritime Museum 
    1. New Jersey Maritime Museum- Beach Haven
  5. Go to the Arcades
    1. Lucky Leo's- Seaside Heights 
    2. Coin Castle- Seaside Heights

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As you are already likely aware, there is a possibility that Hurricane Isaias could potentially impact our area in the upcoming days. We are closely monitoring the storm and awaiting updates from County officials regarding storm preparedness. 

If you are a guest who is currently staying in one of our homes or who just arrived yesterday, please know the following. 

  1. For efficiency purposes, updates will be immediately posted here, on our blog, as long as our Facebook page, and our Glad To Have You app. Additionally, we will email all instructional communications to the leaseholder on file if your reservation is to be impacted. 
  2. Regardless of whether Hurricane Isaias comes into direct contact with Seaside Park or not, we will still likely receive…

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Despite uncertainty created by the current health climate over the last few months, economists have noted a distinct pattern in the housing market: instead of slowing down, it is actually booming. According to Bank of America, mortgage purchase applications have risen drastically and are currently clocking in above pre-lockdown levels. Keep reading for the five explanations for this surge in market activity. 

  1. The Disproportionate Recession: State lockdowns and stay-at-home orders affected lower income populations more dramatically than higher income brackets- and research shows that lower income groups are less likely to be homeowners. 
  2. Interest Rates Are at an All-Time Low: Last week, interest rates plunged to a new historic low. Compared to…

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travelling with pets



Pets are an important part of our family and when it comes time to travel, it's hard to imagine leaving home without them. As much joy as bringing along your four-legged friends can be, it can be daunting once you factor in transportation, activities, where to stay, and your pet’s health and safety. We've consulted with some of the most seasoned pet travel experts to get the scoop on how to make sure traveling with your pet goes as smooth as possible.

When traveling with your pet, what is the one thing you won't leave home without?

My dog’s “travel bag.” In it, I always have access to the “must haves” for any type of traveling with my pooch. Pack a…

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The New Year is upon us, presenting itself as a fresh chapter in the book called "Our Life." Every year many of us try to figure out how to make the coming year the best one yet while reflecting on all of the things we didn't accomplish in the last year. Although we shouldn't define our lives by each year that passes, we can create a plan to have a killer year to come. But, instead of adding the pressure by making New Year's Resolutions, make this coming year about evolutions. Resolutions are often broken because they are intangible to sustain for an entire year (i.e., I will never eat sugar again). A list of evolutions is a positive reminder, meant to keep you on track rather than punish you for any decisions you have made in the past. To help you…

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Written by Dave Van Horn from biggerpockets.com

dog in rental unitTo be quite honest, in my close to 30 years in property management, I've never had a problem with pets. My problems have always been with the pet's owners.

For example, it is usually not the pet who fails to change the litter box and it isn't the pet's idea to have 8 dogs in one apartment. Yes, that has actually happened to me. I had bought a duplex once, with two one-bedroom units, where I inherited a tenant with one dog who suddenly had a record-setting eight pups. The funny thing was that my tenant decided she wanted to try and keep them all. People are crazy. Obviously, the idea of turning a one-bedroom apartment into a kennel didn't work out very well.

No Pet Policies

I've heard many of…

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guest services associate

Arthur Rue Agency is looking to expand our owner and guest services team! This is a seasonal position--must be available summers and some off season weekends. Help all aspects of owner and guest experience--from booking to departure. Fast paced environment. Apply by emailing lbarcellona@arthurrue.com or calling 732.793.0473 ex 207

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sold home with Arthur Rue Agency

If you are thinking about selling, you will need a capable advocate and someone who really understands the neighborhood and surrounding area. I have been a lifelong resident of Ocean County. I look forward to helping answer all of your questions and give you the benefit of my experience!

Anthony Conselice with Arthur Rue Agency - 732.245.5421. Specializing In The Creative Marketing Of Fine Homes

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