It's spring already, but it's never too early to be thinking about summertime and sunshine! With 2020 behind us, we are setting our sights forward and never looking back. Last year was certainly one for records, and in more ways than one. Seaside Park saw unprecedented numbers in regards to visitors, vacation rentals, and real estate sales. We are anticipating much of the same in 2021. What does that mean for you? 

Booking early is so important! Here are some reasons why you should book your 2021 vacation rental as soon as possible: 


The aforementioned numbers are very exciting! More and more folks are discovering the beauty of Seaside Park. Vacation rentals are going quickly, there are many weeks where rental companies were at…

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The average mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed loan has jumped to 3.02% after three weeks of numbers holding steady. According to Freddie Mac, this marks the first time since July 2020 that interest rates have passed 3%. 

What does this mean for you? Primarily, if you are considering buying a home, it may be in your best interest to get the process going sooner rather than later to lock in the lowest rates possible. Due to the most recent stimulus package, spending has increased. Sam Khater, the chief economist for Freddie Mac, says this is creating supply chain shortages that are causing downstream inflation, leading to higher mortgage rates. 

However, Freddie Mac thinks interest rates will still remain low for the rest of the year. They…

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