In the Northern Hemisphere, your latest sunsets – and latest evening twilights – are happening around now. They always come in late June and early July. Meanwhile, the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day falls on the June 20 solstice. For the Southern Hemisphere, your latest sunrises of the year happen in late June and early July.

Learn why here:

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But there’s good news! More homes are finally hitting the market. Keep reading for an update on the 2024 market and how to navigate the current housing landscape.

Inventory on the Rise

Data from shows a significant increase in available homes in April 2024 compared to the previous three years. That’s a whopping 30.4% more houses on the market! This means you might have more options to choose from than you did in the past.

But hold on a minute! Calculated Risk’s data paints a slightly different picture. While inventory is growing, it’s still far below pre-pandemic levels. The good news? It’s still a better selection than we’ve seen recently.

Finding Your Perfect Place

So, what does this mean for you?…

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The housing market has been a rollercoaster for years. First, low rates fueled bidding wars and record highs. Now, rising rates and low inventory might make you feel powerless as a homebuyer.

But wait! Things are not as bleak as they seem. The good news is that you have more control than you think. Keep reading to learn five things you can control as a buyer in the current market.

Budgeting is Your Superpower

Can’t control rates? You can control your budget! Use a mortgage calculator to see how different rates impact your monthly payment. This empowers you to adjust your price range and find a home that fits your finances.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Remember those home price reductions? They’re up 15.5% year over year! Look for reduced homes…

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Help keep our beaches safe! Digging holes can cause harm to both people and wildlife. Never dig a hole deeper than it is wide, and always be sure to fill them in!   Guess who’s back, back again? Yes, it’s us, tell a friend! (No seriously, share this post to help spread awareness about the dangers of digging large holes on the beach.) We cannot stress this enough,  Sand collapses occur in holes just a few feet deep. NEVER dig a hole deeper than it is wide. Children and adults should not dig holes deeper than their knees when standing in them. Why are they dangerous? Did you know that national statistics comparing sand hole collapses to shark attacks confirms that! No one goes to the beach expecting to…

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On the afternoon of Monday, April 8, 2024, the sun will duck behind the moon for a few minutes — a total eclipse of the sun. It is being dubbed the "Great American Eclipse," as it will be visible across almost the entire continent. (Western Canada and Alaska are the lone exceptions.)

Hopefully you have marked your calendar, you have eclipse viewing glasses ready to go, and you have plans to witness this rare cosmic phenomenon.

You do not need to make special plans or review special instructions to see the eclipse. Just go outside and look up. (Again, with proper protection please.)

Having said that, you will find even better options, both in New Jersey and beyond, to make your eclipse viewing even more spectacular and memorable.

In Search of…

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Each year, the Polar Bear Plunge at Seaside challenges thousands of brave jumpers from around the state. It's a great way for everyone--individuals, teams, organizations and businesses--to get involved supporting Special Olympics New Jersey. All funds raised go towards programming and events for thousands of athletes statewide.

The Polar Bear Plunge at Seaside Heights presented by New Jersey Law Enforcement as part of the year-round fundraising of Law Enforcement Torch Run® events is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to support Special Olympics New Jersey athletes by jumping into the frigid Atlantic waters during February.


Early Bear ($100 minimum): September – December 31

Now I’m…

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2024 Market Watch: Home Prices on the Rise!

Worried about home prices? Here's the real deal for 2024! Experts predict a modest 2% increase is on the horizon, defying the downward fears. Why? It's all about tight inventory and friendly mortgage rates fueling buyer demand. Head to the link below to learn more!

Thinking of buying? Now's your time to shine. Rising prices mean growing equity and a flourishing investment. Don’t wait on the sidelines; the market’s heating up! Chat with a Arthur Rue Agency pro and make this year count. Visit us at and let’s turn your home dreams into reality!

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We're offering a Discount on the Rental Rate equal to $100 off the base rateAnd, we're giving you advanced notice so you can start your vacation planning early.

It’s easy.

  1. Browse our selection of homes and condos to find the perfect vacation rental property from South Seaside Park, Seaside Park, Lavallette..
  2. Then, come back on Tuesday,  February 2, and reserve a weeklong Saturday-to-Saturday stay with an arrival date between May 4 and August 24, 2024.

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Guest Services Representative -Please email your resume to Arthur Rue Agency is looking to expand our owner and guest services team!  - Greet and welcome guests in a friendly and professional manner - Check-in and check-out guests efficiently, ensuring accuracy of information - Provide information about property facilities, services, and local attractions - Handle guest inquiries, requests, and complaints promptly and courteously - Assist with reservations - Process payments and maintain accurate records - Maintain a clean and organized front desk area ```Experience``` - Previous experience in hospitality or customer service preferred - Familiarity with operations and front desk…

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Not all Real Estate Agencies are created equal. When determining which is right for you, here are some items to consider: 1. Bookkeeping Do they use property management online software with live access for owners ? Can guests book the lease online, pay by echeck or credit card ?Get all documents signed and finalized electronically saving valuable time. 2. Administration Do they offer One Call notices via text, email, phone call for urgent matters and owner information? 3. Maintenance and grounds Do they have dedicated year round field managers? 4. Pools Do they have Certified Pool Operators on staff? For a respected and reliable partner, contact Arthur Rue Agency

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